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“Experience the creative spirit of Spain with me. When you explore Spanish dance, you can open doors for yourself to enter new worlds. Be inspired by Spanish lifestyle and culture beyond the studio & stage!” – Tania .

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A glimpse into my beginnings, how I started out in Spanish Dance, how my work has evolved. An interview by The HomeGround Asia.

Singapore Flamenco Dancer Tania Goh

Tania Goh

Exploring life creatively through arts, dance and the Spanish spirit!

Hola, I'm a Dance Producer, Artist Manager, Teacher and Dancer - the many facets of my profession developed through the years of my experience, my love for Spain, its language and culture. From my Singapore base, I work with my Spanish artist-colleagues, managing projects in Asia-Pacific and Spain.

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Spontaneous decisions in Life can turn out to be life-changing, and that was when I took a break to Spain in 2003, supposedly en route to Latin America. In the characterful city of Seville, I stepped into the Academy of Manuel Betanzos, newly established and with a lineage inherited from his maestro, the great Manolo Marin. In that instant, it was flamenco confronting me with its stirring dance, song and guitar melodies, the charismatic figure of the teacher training, uplifting and compelling everyone into a common live intensity. Well, I never made it to Machu Picchu, because my heart got anchored in flamenco and Seville.

Fast forward. Across the years of challenges faced by anyone learning an art. Here I am, forging my work together with these amazing maestros, artists, friends, in our collective, SPANISH DANCE SINGAPORE:

With Maestro Manuel Betanzos (Seville) – the ‘Olympics Coach of Flamenco’ – bringing top-level training from Spain to the many shores of Asia-Pacific.

With Maestra Paloma Gómez (Madrid) – exquisite dancer, choreographer, teacher – building appreciation for the fuller scope of Spanish Dance, through workshops and performances.

With SaltShaker Productions (International) – where as Producer, I undertake projects with artists, both in Singapore and overseas.

With Spanish Dance Company (Singapore) and Project Flamenco Southeast Asia, featuring talents from Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore.

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