Reach for Gold with the Olympics Coach of Flamenco, Manuel Betanzos!

  • taniagoh
  • May 15, 2019
Flamenco Singapore Manuel Betanzos

Super-charge your dance with Manuel Betanzos, the ‘Olympics Coach of Flamenco’. Here comes the maestro who lights the way for students and hands them the Torch of Learning. Make your date with him in Singapore (Wed 3 July – Sun 7 July 2019), for our annual training programme.


Personalised Training

It’s a personalised approach to flamenco training that makes learning with Manuel Betanzos special. Nothing misses his eyes. Yes, those eyes that can ‘see’ what you need, lifting you to your highest potential. After all, teaching is his exceptional focus, and the raison d’être at his highly reputed Academia de Manuel Betanzos in Sevilla, key source of flamenco.

Teaching is my passion. I love bringing out what dancers have within them, though they may not yet know what that is.

Classes fill you with his charismatic energy. Not one to stay just at the front, Manuel dances with you, motivating each person while keeping the class going with the compás. I’ve always marvelled at how much he can multi-task!


Singapore Schedule

Here’s the schedule. This will be a full-on week, to receive a consistent intensity of training, the way it is in the Academy. With the concentration students give, we see them reaping the fruits of  their focus. So for those who are gung-ho for this experience, aim to free your schedule for this annual flamenco programme in Singapore.

If you have yet to have the chance to go to Spain, this will provide you a little slice of our daily life studying in Spain. Check out the highlights this year!

Flamenco Singapore Manuel Betanzos



3 Flamenco Workshops

  • Three types flamenco workshops where you can learn the Tangos, Tientos, and Technique.
  • Live music –  accompanied by singer, Angela López and guitarist Adien. You have the benefit of this extra experience working to live accompaniment, which you may not get in regular classes.
  • Putting them together, you will have an immersion into the flamenco palo (style), the Tientos-Tangos.
    • Tangos (Upper Beginner): Students who have experience of the base techniques of flamenco (feet, arms, body, 4-beat rhythms).
    • Tientos (Intermediate): Students with greater experience, seeking to deepen their practice, acquire further skills
    • Technique (Upper Beginner – Intermediate): Working on the techniques that enable you to carry out your choreo.


Flamenco LABO (New!)

  • A laboratory, where students can experiment (7 July)
  • Learn how to use the base Tangos choreography (3 – 6 July) and adapt it for different styles of Tangos songs, with Por Fiesta spontaneity.
  • Accompanied by singer Angela and guitarist, Adien.
  • Be guided by the maestro and learn from his invaluable insights on your adaptations!
  • A stimulating way to up your learning, deepen your experience.  


Espacio Propio 2019 

  • Our Space, Our Showcase! The 2nd edition of this platform in Singapore (7 July)
  • All interested participants can join in the showcase of 2019 workshop dances
  • Venue: Qi Philosophy Cafe, #01-02 Sky Terrace @ Dawson, 93 Dawson Road. Click here for map.
  • FREE entry to this showcase and social.
  • However, please call the restaurant and make a booking to secure a table. This is an informal event. So depending on the number of guests, if you aren’t able to reserve a table, you might have to sit or stand, socialise, gather around informally, like in a Spanish bar 😉
  • Click here to make a booking at Qi Philosophy’s Facebook page.



Contact Tania Goh, Email: / Whatsapp: (+65) 97377703

Payment would be via PayNow to above mobile, or bank transfer (details from Tania)

Flamenco Singapore Manuel Betanzos


Dancers and students, nos vemos, see you for an immersive time with new experiences. Strengthen your dance with the Olympics coach of Flamenco. REACH FOR THE GOLD of your capacity! 

Meanwhile, check out last year’s Espacio Propio. Ole to the dancers who, with their focus & dedication, presented two choreographies – Tangos and Bamberas. Let’s look forward to their sharing this year!



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