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  • Aug 30, 2019
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Make a dance date with Beauty-personified from Wed 30 Oct to Sun 3 November! Lovely Spanish dancer and maestra, Paloma Gómez, will be in Singapore soon.

Here’s what you can enjoy:

  • Two lovely choreographies – the Intermezzo from Goyescas by composer Granados, and Córdoba by composer Albeñiz. We’ll be completing the second part of Goyescas, which we embarked on when Paloma was previously in Singapore. Those who didn’t do the first part can still join, and enjoy this marvellous classic piece. With Córdoba, this is a brand new piece for which we will embark on. 
  • Spanish Dance Technique classes, as well as castanets classes. Paloma makes technique enjoyable, achievable. We feel elegant even as we strive to master the challenges!


I’ll be headed to Spain for this month for my immersion into the source of our Spanish art. Will be sharing news from there, from the Academia de Manuel Betanzos in Sevilla. The semester starts, and the academy features a sterling line-up of maestros. I’m looking forward to taking Ana Morales’ class, as well as those of Javier Latorre.

There’s usually so much we want to absorb when we go to Spain. Time is never enough. But just as wonderful is having space and time to breathe in the atmosphere. It’s always an inspiration. You can read my article Irresistible Seville, Learn Flamenco at its Source.

Esplanade Theatre has its smorgasbord of Footwork sessions, and my Sept dance workshops at Esplanade (Flamenco, Classical Spanish and Pasodoble) are full-house now! For those keen on these sampler classes, I’ll be opening several more new classes – in October, with collaborator Sonata Concept Studio!


  • 20 Oct: What’s Your Move? Swing over to the Esplanade at 8.45pm. We’ll be conducting a free flamenco session, under the stars and moon, by the Bay.  Two dance items to be fielded and in between a 45min spontaneous dance-session. Yes, you’ll be learning on the spot. Everybody can dance, it matters not your level nor age.
  • Come October, I’m always excited because of da:ns Festival, aren’t you? There a multitude of shows at the theatre, all dance-related, so check out the website and see you at some of the shows!
  • 30 Oct – 3 Nov: A key highlight is Paloma’s workshop. I’ll be uploading the schedule onto our website and Facebook this week.
  • Plus, we have a couple more interesting ones to announce soon. So stay tuned!

Gracias y abrazo
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