Spanish Dance Master Workshops with Paloma Gómez, 30 Oct – 3 Nov Singapore

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  • Sep 20, 2019
Spanish Dance Flamenco Singapore

Make time for Beauty this  30 Oct – 3 Nov! Fill your heart with inspiring dance and music, with Paloma Gómez. Her Spanish Dance Master Workshops are part of the Season of Spanish Dance (Oct-Nov), a collaboration with the new Sonata Dancewear studio, at Funan Mall. Here’s a glimpse of what to catch:

  • Paloma’s popular Classical Spanish Dance Technique (3 sessions)
  • Paloma’s castanets technique (2 sessions)
  • Two choreographies set to great Spanish classics – Goyescas & Córdoba
  • A special masterclass – an appreciation of the ballet & Classical Spanish styles
  • End-of-workshop: interactive talk-demo and participants’ workshop showcase (free to public!)



Go through this schedule together with the explanatory notes, so you can pick the workshops suitable for you.  If you have questions, be welcome to call/Whatsapp Tania (+65) 97377703 or email

Spanish Dance Flamenco Singapore Paloma Gomez  WORKSHOP NOTES

1. Spanish Dance Technique (3 classes)

Those of you who did Paloma’s workshops when she did a 3-week residency in Singapore will remember this. It is great to understand the range of Spanish techniques, not just for the vocabulary of what Spanish Dance movements include, it is also helpful to work on style.

These are fantastic for building dance foundation. Each class, we focus on a particular technique so you can strengthen your dance. For eg, Spanish dance vueltas (turns) or the panadero steps (great for arms, body carriage and coordination)

Don’t forget that all these Spanish Dance techniques serve you in ALL forms of dance. Great for flamenco too, afterall, both draw from and enhance the other.

  • 3 classes for Spanish Dance students
  • 1 Masterclass – An appreciation of the ballet & Classical Spanish styles

Enjoy this video where Paloma teaches how to do the Spanish vueltas de Pecho y Quebradas (Chest turn and broken turns). Dancers then practise to a Polonaise music.



2. Castanets Technique (2 classes)

Paloma makes learning castanets fun! How many of us have slogged through building strength in our fingers and getting that ‘Ria’ sound out, nice and clear? Don’t slog, have fun and enjoy with Paloma. Because her castanets classes are set to simple movement phrases to make you feel like you are dancing. Her choices of music are beautiful too!  In some instances, you can apply what you learn in the Spanish Dance technique classes to her castanet classes too. 

Here’s a video of Paloma conducting castanets classes



3. Choreography: Goyescas (2 classes)

We’ll be learning the 2nd half of the beautiful Goyescas intermezzo by Granados, and complete this choreography with fan. Those who did not do the first half, no worries, you can join in to learn this new part. OR join Tania’s Spanish Fan workshop on October 26, also part of the Season of Spanish Dance at Sonata Community Studio. Click here for the info.

Enjoy a glimpse of Paloma dancing Goyescas with great elegance!


4. Choreography: Córdoba (3 classes)

There are so many wonderful compositions forming the music heritage of Spain. I marvel each time I listen to them. I’m always happy to have our artistic exchange with Paloma and she opens the door to discovering all these ‘greats’.

In these workshops, I’ve asked her to share her choreography of Córdoba, set to Albeñiz music. We will be learning the first part of the dance.

Sneak peak video:



5. Masterclass – An appreciation of Styles: Ballet & Classical Spanish (NEW!)

What is ‘that Spanish look’? We’ll be conducing a new masterclass for this year, and it stems from the chats Paloma and I have, appreciating both ballet and Spanish Dance. Paloma’s professional beginnings were from Spain’s Ballet Nacional de España. Here, they train in ballet each day. [Dancers have to be skilled in ballet, Escuela Bolera (the balletic form of Spanish dance), flamenco, Classical Spanish Dance (Clásico Español) and the diverse dances from various regions in Spain.]

Join this masterclass if you are interested in the finer points of similarities and differences between the balletic and Classical Spanish dance styles, so you can apply it to your own dance. Ballet elements & terminology will be used as a reference & aid.

  • Suitable for ballet dancers interested in knowing the Spanish dance style and technique, the posture, use of arms, head. Paloma will explain with references to ballet and Classical Spanish.
  • A practical session suitable for dancers with basic experience of any dance form, including current Spanish dance students.
  • Come in comfortable dance attire, comfortable shoes, ballet or character.

Spanish Dance Flamenco Ballet Singapore Paloma Gomez

While in Madrid this month, I got Paloma to give a little sneak peak into this masterclass. In it, she talks about the posture, the arms and the use of the head. See the video below!



6. Spanish Dance – Open Studio Showcase (Free!)

  • On Sun 3 Nov (4pm-5pm), we invite participants to join us in this open studio showcase, as a culmination of the week’s workshop, sharing what they have learnt. Participants can invite their family and friends to join in.
  • Paloma will also provide an overview of Spanish dances. It is also a learning opportunity for current Spanish dance students.  I encourage students to go beyond just physical movement to know the culture and context of what they are dancing to!
  • Interactive, because artist, dancers and audience can dialogue, have an exchange. The studio setting is informal and up-close.

This event is free, however, all interested audience should register online, for the purpose of space allocation.

Please note no unauthorised photography or videography should be taken for all events.

Please wear comfortable attire so as to sit on the studio floor.




Spanish Dance Flamenco Singapore Paloma Gomez


Secure your place for the Master Workshops. Payments are made via bank transfer or via mobile PayNow.

Register with Tania Goh.


Call/Whatsapp: (+65) 973 777 03



Video playlist of Paloma’s Spanish Dance workshops

Goyescas music by Granados

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