Home-made Spanish Food & a creative retreat to develop online dance courses

  • taniagoh
  • Apr 25, 2020
Spanish Home-made Food, Flamenco Epicurean

We’re into our 7th week of Spanish Lockdown. I’m taking this time as a cultural immersion and a creative retreat to develop my new online courses. With whom best to stay with but my maestro-artist, Manuel Betanzos.

Creativity knows no boundary

Manuel’s creativity knows no boxed-up genre, it overflows from flamenco dance to culinary experiments, to gardening and home decor! When you are creative and artistic, that’s how it is, it flows into all areas of your life 🙂

Spanish Home-made cuisine

On this day, Manuel makes a yummy typical dish, the Cola de Toro (Oxtail Stew). It’s one of my favourite dishes!  If you come to Spain, I’d recommend you try it. I’ve usually eaten it in the tapas bars and restaurants, not home-made. So I was excited when he told me what he was going to cook for lunch that day.

Manuel doesn’t follow a recipe and tells me it’s actually his first time cooking it! Should I believe him, hmm? It tastes too good, as if he has heaps of experience already!

We’re lucky to have nice sunny weather in the South of Spain. On many occasions such as this, the sun beckons us to have lunch on Manuel’s balcony. It has a nice view of space, greenery and the city centre too (we live slightly outside the city).


A creative retreat to develop online dance courses

Friends, though these are Covid times when we can’t quite go out for our usual activities, perhaps on some days, you like me, may appreciate some peace and quiet, to do the things you love to do.

In between our food times, I spend my time working on our new online courses. It’s something I’ve conceived before Covid times, but which is coming in handy. 

You don’t need to ‘meet’ at a certain time, as these are pre-recorded video classes which you can ‘attend’ at your convenience, and as many times as you wish.

If you are a dancer wanting to learn how flamenco dancers, singers and musicians spontaneously perform together, then our Maestros Flamenco Online  course is for you.

Focusing on the elusive flamenco codes, we ‘reveal’ them here. Not just one, but three maestros guide you through the ways of communication in live flamenco, where you can call up your spontaneity in this art.

Maestros Flamenco Online


And if classical music is more your cup of tea, then get to know the Classical Spanish dance genre, danced to the beautiful compositions of the great Spanish composers such as Granados and Albeñiz. 

With our Maestros Danza Español course created by Madrid-based maestra, Paloma Gómez, you’ll get to work on beautiful posture, arms and body lines. Then start dancing to achievable movement phrases to music. 

Paloma breaks down the technique, and in visually following her, you can understand how it is done. With this understanding, apply it to your practice.

Vuelta de Pecho Classical Spanish Dance

Head to both Maestros site to get to know the learning material. You can learn at YOUR time and pace, with a forever-access!



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