3 Simple Ways to start your flamenco dance

  • taniagoh
  • Jul 2, 2022
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Start with these simple basics, from home, or any where on-the-go!


Three Simple Ways to Start Flamenco Dance

Hey everyone, let’s get to know 3 simple ways you can start your flamenco. These are tips that I give to my online flamenco pure beginner students and I share them here.

You can practise them from home, or whether you are at work (and needing a break) or on-the go!

1. Flamenco Rhythm

I like to start with the basic rhythm, because I believe everyone has that in them.

Just look at a baby move their body when you play music! It’s instinctive to the human body and we can ‘tune in’ to this instinct.

Flamenco has a complex range of rhythms. But in this video for the newbie, I’m starting with the rhythm of a flamenco style called Tangos. Listen, and see if you can step along to this rhythm.

Sense how your body feels, moving freely and comfortably. That way, you’ll be using your body.

Gradually, you can explore how your hips feel too, and use them as part of your moves – always keeping to the rhythm.

And if you like an added challenge, try to do it with claps too!

Listen, and see if you can identify a clapping pattern of 4 beats.

2. Flamenco Fingers and Arms

I’m giving a little insight into how we move our flamenco arms and fingers.

It takes time to practise them of course, as with any form of art.

Flamenco arms are quite distinctive from other dance forms – there is a lot of strength from the upper arms. The way we raise our elbows is important too.

We also use our fingers to embellish our movements. We feel life, all the way to our fingers!

3. Move to time

Move your body to this rhythm, by using your legs to accentuate the beats.

And when you are ready, take up the challenge of adding your arms and fingers.

That will be quite a test of your coordination or motor skills as a beginner. So don’t worry if it doesn’t come together when you first try it!

You will appreciate why we have to keep at it, practising such basics class after class, to build a steady foundation.

From there, it can then becomes our second nature and we can let ourselves flow and enjoy!

Music Inspiration

Here is the music that you hear in this video.

It has a nice groove to it. Listen to it, feel the rhythm first, and then try practising the 3 basic ways I showed you.

Where to take up Flamenco Dance Classes

If you’d like to explore guided flamenco classes, here are some options:

  1. Online Flamenco classes. Learn from anywhere you are. Click here for the schedule.
  2. In person flamenco classes. Click here for the Singapore term.

And stay tuned on our mail club newsletters for our activities in Singapore as well as for our special Flamenco Culture Trips to Spain too! Sign up here.


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