Weekend Ideas – outdoor dance workshops and performances by the Bay

  • taniagoh
  • Oct 14, 2022
Whats your move - Flamenco Spanish Dance Singapore

Hey everyone, if you’re looking for an uplifting time and getting your body grooving, then head to the Bay! You’re in for a treat this weekend with a galore of outdoor dance workshops and performances!

This is the annual What’s Your Move series, part of da:ns Festival at the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.

Here’s what to enjoy: 

1. Get to experience all kinds of dance in Singapore, on a SINGLE occasion!

Imagine travelling the world through a diversity of dance and music, with Bhangra, Bollywood, Charleston, Whacking, Lindy Hop, Jive, Rumba, and of course Flamenco and Classical Spanish Dance with castanets.

So if you love dance and music, this would absolutely be an occasion to really immerse yourself in!

Each evening, sample a variety of short and sweet half-hour sessions of guided workshops and enjoy performances.

To give an idea for your Saturday 22 October ‘itinerary’:

  • 7pm: Start with the Charleston
  • 8pm: Let’s get going with Flamenco.
  • Take a break and grab some yummy bites from the food outlets by the Bay.
  • 9.30pm Return for Lindy Hop
  • 10.30pm Enjoy the elegance of Spanish Classics
  • 11.00pm End on high!

What I love about What’s Your Move is that it’s for everyone of all ages. You don’t need dance experience. And no worries, you’ll be guided by instructors who love to share their dance art!

2. Get moving, get healthy – Dance is great for wellbeing!  

Hey,  life today gets too sedentary, and we find ourselves sitting for far too many hours at our desk!

But don’t forget some self-care!

A moving body is sure to be a healthy body.

Dance is great to get you moving in enjoyable, fun ways. 

It’s going to keep your mind active and you’ll get a natural mood booster, with all that spontaneous fun! 

3. Enjoy tropical nights in Singapore under the stars

The Marina Bay is one of my favourite parts of Singapore. When sunsets, the city skyline lights up and the waters glisten with reflections. We are lucky to be in a city that has great urban planning, river and bay landscapes, and greenery. So soak in this tropical ambience..

And where we’ll be, the stage is ready for you,  fairy lights, spotlights and all!

Here’s where you’ll get to dance under the stars and feel the energy of the night.

So don’t miss our weekend of activities in Singapore with What’s Your Move’s outdoor dance and performances.

It’s a very social, communal affair, so what better way to catch up with friends and bring your family!

Click here for the schedules of all dance events at What’s Your Move 2022 on Esplanade’s website.

Nos vemos pronto, see you soon!


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