Spain Flamenco Culture Trip – a peek into our fiesta-showcase in Sevilla!

  • taniagoh
  • Apr 18, 2023
Singapore Flamenco Spain Culture Trip 2023

Experiences for a life time!

What an uplifting and truly heart-filling week of our Flamenco Culture Trip workshops in Sevilla!

One intense week of dance, song, guitar immersion culminating in our little flamenco party in our maestro, Manuel Betanzos’ studio in Triana.

So happy to see this year’s participants learn and enjoy, and bring back unforgettable memories of their experiences! Thank you for coming on board this programme, trusting in our shared journey. You were all remarkable. So wonderful to see the support you had for one another. I shall not forget our nights practising past midnight, dancing, singing, laughing together.

Very grateful to Manuel for training the students with so much dedication, focus and energy, such that you could see transformation and growth even within a short week. For lifting us into confidence to accomplish dreams, aspirations and hopes.

And to our guitarist, Javier Ibáñez, for driving all the way from Jerez to accompany us with utmost patience in our training, helping us to understand how to work our dance to live flamenco – according to our Maestros Flamenco Online video course teachings.

To Inma Rivero for teaching us cante classes and boosting our strength, and reminding us Time is Gold, to appreciate every moment, never be defeated.

To all family and friends who came and supported us with so much goodwill and cheer, merry-making, reminding us of the beauty of relationships, community and happiness.

Gracias, Paloma, JuanMa, Esteban, mama y papa de Javi, Juan de Inma, hubby Emile for flying from Singapore to join us, Rocío, Sherine, Yash and more!

Stay tuned for more forthcoming stories of our recent Flamenco Culture Trip (Spring edition, 28 March – 2 April 2023).

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