She entices & leads me on with moods of La Vida Breve, the short life.

  • taniagoh
  • Jun 16, 2023

This famous music is our inspiration for the jazz and Spanish Dance exploration and improvisation

This famous music by Manuel de Falla is the inspiration for improvisation on jazz and Spanish Dance by Amanda and Tania.

Ideas fleshed out into reality, plus a similar enthusiasm for learning and exploration – that’s always so uplifting!

From the original La Vida Breve, Amanda segues into 4 styles of jazz:

  1. Bossa Nova
  2. Stride piano – early jazz sound
  3. Modal – modern jazz sound
  4. Swing

See if you can identify them?

I love how she puts it together into a journey that entices and leads me on!

A week after our performance, I was still having the music in my head.

  1. A couple of firsts for me – my début of La Vida Breve. Since that was our starting point for exploration, I used extracts in the classical Spanish dance style at the start & end of our performance.
  2. Improvisation to Amanda’s jazz music. I’ve not performed to jazz before, so it’s an experiment of my dance language to her music.” – Tania

The original choreography is from my maestra Paloma Gómez (Madrid)

She taught this entirely online as part of our regular repertoire classes, held over 12 -14 weeks.

(If you are keen to find out how to join, see below. I’ve put the links).

Collaborations are such fun, engaging ways of learning about new things and gain experience in areas we may not usually have delved into.

I think you can gain so many Ways of Learning from your hobby, art or passion path.

Amanda and I were really happy to learn about each other’s world, and I think that’s so wonderful when you can find a partner of similar enthusiasm.

We are thankful to the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay for programming us into the ‘Exchange’ platform that features collaborations.💐

This is my 2nd Exchange programme, the first was with Harpist Nigel Foo, which we then further developed & self-produced our 3 concerts with The Harp Quartet.


Here’s sharing some of my “Experience & Learning” steps over the years:

💃 MAESTROS Danza Española – Online Spanish Dance repertoire classes, with Paloma Gomez

💃 Teaching my students of Spanish Dance Singapore this same repertoire helped me familiarise myself with the work.

Check out the very first class here on my Instagram.

💃 MAESTROS Flamenco – Courses which help me understand better and want to explore the spontaneity in Flamenco

💃 In-person workshops, with Paloma & Manuel Betanzos in Madrid, Sevilla and Asia-Pacific tours I organise. You can check them out on my portal

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