Flamenco dance from studio to stage – our 5-day workshop with maestro Manuel Betanzos in Singapore

  • taniagoh
  • Jun 17, 2023

5-day intensive flamenco dance workshop in Singapore culminating in a showcase.

Sevilla’s maestro Manuel Betanzos conducts these workshops annually in Singapore, organised by Tania of Spanish Dance Singapore and open to all the Singapore community.

Background from Tania:

Hola friends This video is from the 2018 workshop + showcase. It gives an insight into the training behind the scenes.

Dance: Tangos

Level: Basic Flamenco

The workshop was short and intensive, which meant that in so few days, we had to train to get our dance to a certain level suitable for a public sharing. 

Congratulations to dancers & teachers from our Singapore Flamenco community:

1. Alhambra Flamenco

2. Flamenco Sin Fronteras

3. Spanish Dance Singapore

What you see in this video isn’t as refined as we usually would spend time after master workshops to practise and ‘limpiar’ clean up.

But perfection wasn’t the aim.

Rather, it was about the learning, the process and training under the guidance of an extremely experienced team of maestros & artists.

Besides Manuel Betanzos (flamenco maestros), we were also honoured to have some of Spain’s top musicians accompanying us:

  1. Manuel Soto (singer) and
  2. Javier Ibáñez (flamenco guitarist)

Flamenco Letras (Lyrics or Songs)

Manuel Soto chooses a lovely variety of Tangos letras that take us through different moods and styles:

1. Caballero, Mi mare es una gitana (My mother is a gypsy)

2. Gitana si me quisiera (Gypsy girl, if you love me)

3. En el espejo del agua (In the mirror of the water)

4. De Badajoz yo me he venido (I’ve come from Badajoz)


I wanted to share my Experience & Learning Paths, as well as resources, in case you might find some of them helpful along your journey:

Here’s sharing some of my “Experience & Learning” steps over the years:

💃 MAESTROS Danza Española – Online Spanish Dance repertoire classes, with Paloma Gomez

💃 MAESTROS Flamenco – Courses which help me understand better and want to explore the spontaneity in Flamenco

💃 In-person workshops, with Paloma & Manuel Betanzos in Madrid, Sevilla and Asia-Pacific tours I organise. You can check them out on my portal www.taniagoh.com


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