8 Ideas for vibrant learning and self-growth – #1 Classes

  • taniagoh
  • Jan 12, 2024
Tania's Flamenco Map of Experiences

How will you personalise your learning path? 

Here are 8 ideas to explore.

So you can think about the POSSIBILITIES (not the limits!) to bring to fruition this year. 

Visual guide: Tania’s Flamenco Map of Experiences. 

But you can apply it to whatever YOU pursue – be it work, hobby or personal growth.

¡Vámonos! Let’s go!

  1. Classes – a staple food, the beginning that opens all other paths! 
  2. Travel to Learn – the world is our class room (after the standard mass education we received)
  3. Master workshops – be trained by world-class maestros, be mentored
  4. Cultivate curiosity – cultivate self, initiative, community, positivity
  5. Practice – Group practice, self-practice
  6. Perform – Put yourself out there, learn beyond the studio
  7. Collaborate – with those who share similar enthusiasm and values
  8. Create – birthing, from all you have been nourished and inspired with

Idea #1 – CLASSES

Classes are like staple food you need to keep you learning. They feed and fuel you.


A lot of Life is about awareness, and as you enter a class, learn to build self-awareness.

  • The mental awareness of being positive and open to the unknown that you stand to learn.
  • Be aware of what your strengths are, to further fortify it. That can be your unique point.
  • Be aware of your areas for improvement, that one weakness to work on
  • Set your own personal goal.
  • Don’t mind others in class, each person to each person’s focus.


Don’t be smug, neither feel inadequate.

Be supportive, non-critical.

Because each person plays a part in co-creating the environment they themselves can flourish and thrive in.


Repeat the training one step at a time, and get better, one class at a time.

It all adds up over a month, a year and the years.

Will you dabble and give up?

Or build your perseverance?

How to Learn

This is under-rated and not reflected much about.

But it is important to understand ‘HOW TO LEARN’.

A skill to be highly aware of.

Because if you don’t understand the ‘How’, then you’d be a body that is just executing the mechanics.

And not using your mental capacity.

The 10,000 hours theory for practice will not work, if you are not aware of how to practise WELL.

A good and engaged teacher or maestro can guide you and know correct you.

If not, proactively ask for the personal tips and corrections.

Don’t just conform yourself with yet another class. ‘No te conformes’ – is the advice of my flamenco mentor-maestro that I share with you.


Consistency is key.

In Sevilla, Spain, our classes are Mondays to Fridays, everyday. That is intense, we are consistently absorbing.

And being pushed by our maestros to be one day better!

Outside Spain, in Singapore, for example, though students may not have that intensity, it’s good to find a way to maintain the learning through the different seasons of the year.

I know that it’s not always easy to attend classes in person, because somehow life pulls us into different directions.

But in this connected world, further enhanced by digital technology we didn’t have 10 years ago, you have to realise that the opportunities for learning are just massive.

And the different modes and platforms have made access so easy!

To share with you, I supplement my in-person class learning by studying digital videos (from the flamenco video courses I produced with my team of artists & videographer in Spain during the pandemic years, I regularly refer to these goldmine of resources. They are in my course video-library, accessible at the click of my finger and I can do so while I’m on the move, travelling.

Also online live classes are great, because it’s a guided mode over a term.

It feels good when we reach the last class of our terms! Because we can look back and see how far we came! We gain something for the portfolio of our learning. Plus there is camaraderie and interaction.

Re-thinking the form and notion of ‘class’ and ‘school’

The early years of our education tends to be a standard, cookie-cutter one for the masses.

Going beyond that and taking cue from the flamenco philosophy of being in tune with your individuality, how can you shape your own vision of class and school?

Taking another cue from my other passion – travel, can the world be your class room, one that vastly magnifies your exposure and perspectives?

Instead of systems & institutions dictating control of your time, how can you create your own ‘terms’, blocking them into your agenda.

Experimenting, adapting and Harnessing ALL the different modes and platforms that our current times offer, that are feasible to you.

Seeing the possibilities and opportunities, we can only be uplifted, never limited!

(PS. Stay tuned for Idea #2 next week)


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