Full of goodness and joy – Dance! A moving body has life and spirit

Why dance?

Because it’s great for the body, not just the body but for the mind and spirit too!

You’re working your mind, remembering sequences, you’re focusing and that helps your mind go deeper into absorbing.

Which is important in times of a million distractions.

You’re centring your thought and mental energy on one thing that keeps you anchored and calm.

I love dance because it makes me feel!

It makes me feel human especially in this age of AI and robotics.

You’re going to be thinking MORE about what makes YOU human

And for me, it’s about feeling.

Robots don’t feel but you can!

You feel, you move,

You get inspired,

You share with people

You connect with community and

You create.

So all these things make you human, I think.

So come over for dance, try it out.

If you’re not new – and I know some of you are not new – come back to dance.

Don’t let routine life get in the way.

Make a little decision that you commit to, for your body.

Because a moving body is a healthy, living body.

A body that has life in it.

It gives your spirit life too!

Recharge, energize

Be vibrant in your Life!



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