Singapore Flamenco Dancer Tania Goh


Embark on an artistic journey to Spain, with performers of Spanish Dance Singapore. Here, you’ll experience the great range of Spain’s dance and music: Flamenco with its vibrancy and energy, the elegance of classical dance set to the music from much-treasured Spanish operettas and film scores. A visual-scape with dances in long-tail skirts and rhythmic castanet display.

Extravaganza! can be staged formally in a theatre, or outdoors with an inviting lifestyle ambience. Touches of visual décor evoke Spain and with customised merchandise for the occasion. Audiences are invited to partake of a heartwarming and interactive experience, celebrating Spanish arts and its spirit.

Duration: 15 min, 30 min, 45 min (full-length)

Performed by: Spanish Dance Singapore and Flamenco Southeast Asia

Choreography: Official maestros and invited choreographers from Spain

Direction: Tania Goh

Spanish Dance Flamenco Singapore Flamenco Southeast Asia

Project Flamenco Southeast Asia

A spirited and engaging performance of Flamenco dancers, singers and musicians. Project Flamenco Southeast Asia brings together the talented performers of our region, celebrating the universality of Spain’s flamenco, while exploring its response to influences of our own cultures and environments.

Be drawn into the close-up,  live ambience of flamenco, with dances expressing the range of  human emotions, letting the heart-stirring melodies of the guitar serenade you.

Options for an extra set, with different concert repertoire by the same musicians, include popular Latin American songs presented in flamenco style and rhythms.

Duration: 15 min, 30 min, 45 min (full-length)

Performed by:

Vocals: Angela Lara López (Spain)

Guitar: Adien Fazmail (Indonesia), Jaime On (Vietnam)

Dance: Tania Goh

Choreography: Official maestros and invited choreographers from Spain

Project Flamenco Southeast Asia is a collaboration of Spanish Dance Singapore, Flamenco in Indonesia, as well as invited guest artists.



Watch You Tube show playlist. Click here.


Paloma Gomez, Singapore Flamenco & Classical Spanish Workshop Got to Move National Arts Council

The Granados Project

Elegance and strength is embodied in feminine figures on piano and dance, as they bring the music of the great Spanish composer, Granados, to life, on piano and in dance.

The beautiful choreographer-dancer, Paloma Gómez, former Principal Dancer of Spain’s Ballet Nacional, takes centrestage along with pianists, Natalie Ng (Singapore) and/or Angela Lara López (Spain).

Great orchestras have played the music of Granados in halls worldwide. Now, see and hear the exquisite Paloma and our talent pianists in person.

Duration: 45 min (full-length)

Performed by: Paloma Gómez (Spain)

Pianists: Natalie Ng (Singapore) / Angela Lara López (Spain)

Choreography /Direction: Paloma Gómez (Spain)

Composers: Albeñiz, Granados


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