Spanish Season of Dance, Music & Culture 2023

Experience a week of workshops, open studios and a festive Spanish Social

Discover the different styles of Spanish Dance – Flamenco, Classical, balletic Escuela Bolera.

Receive training from a world-class artist-maestra from Madrid, Paloma Gomez

Enjoy a cosy dance and music Spanish Social showcase before the year ends.

May your hearts be uplifted with the vibrant spirit of our community.


Did you know that there are different styles of Spanish dance with their 'aire' and personality? These include Flamenco, Classical Spanish Dance, balletic Spanish Escuela Bolera and the different regional folk dances of Spain. In this year's master workshops, you'll get a chance to experience a variety and discover your 'Spanish personality'!

EB Singapore Flamenco Masterclass

Sat 11 Nov, 5.45pm 

Pure Beginners

Yes, even pure beginners can get to experience a top notch masterclass! There is just one masterclass for this introductory level. Space is limited, so book now.

EB Masterclass from Spain Spanish Dance style & tech

Sun 12 Nov, 1.30pm

Tues 14 Nov, 7.00pm

Spanish Dance Character, Style & Tech

Suitable for dancers of all genres with prior dance background.

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EB Masterclass from Spain Escuela Bolera style & tech

Mon 13 Nov, 1.30pm

Wed 15 Nov, 7.15pm

Balletic Spanish Escuela Bolera

Suitable for dancers of different genres. Particularly suitable for ballerinas.

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For those with Spanish Dance background

Here is the schedule for those of you who already have Spanish Dance and Flamenco background. An intensive one-week where you can receive the level of training similar to how we train in Spain.

Spanish Dance Singapore workshop
Spanish Dance Singapore workshop
Spanish Dance Singapore workshop
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