How to use a Spanish Fan in your flamenco dance or classical spanish dance

How to use a Spanish fan in your dance – flamenco or classical Spanish

Hola! In this episode, I’m going to show you the basics of using a Spanish fan. You can use the fan as an accessory to embellish your dance, whether you dance flamenco or Classical Spanish Dance.

Get to know

๐Ÿ’ƒHow to hold your arm & elbow in a proper positions

๐Ÿ’ƒHow to hold it with your fingers and control the opening of it.

๐Ÿ’ƒMistakes to avoid (are you doing this?!)

๐Ÿ’ƒHow to rotate your wrist

๐Ÿ’ƒSimple arm movements for aesthetic and…

Tanguillos takes you to the seashore of Cรกdiz, with Spanish Dance Flamenco Singapore

This playful flamenco Tanguillos takes you to the seashore of Cรกdiz

The Tanguillos is a flamenco dance that takes me to Cรกdiz, the city in Spain that is blessed with endless stretches of beaches, sunny blue skies, inviting waters and tantalising Spanish food.

It all makes for a way of living that cheers heart, spirit and outlook.

Arriving in Cรกdiz, I couldn’t help but be charmed, seduced even, by its ambience. People are alegre (happy) and nothing can take it away from them.

Culture, lifestyle and environment influence the expression of its people,…

Spanish Language Meet up

Want to practise your espaรฑol? Join us for Spanish Language Meet-ups!

Hola Everyone,

I’m hosting Spanish language meet-ups on Saturdays ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ

I realise some of my Spanish Dance students and people in my mail club are interested in learning, but don’t have much social occasion to put it into practice. Hence, I thought I offer to host the sessions.

This is open to any one, not just my dance students.

Some of you might be are already learning in the Spanish language schools.

Some of you were learning in the schools but stopped.


Self-care the Spanish Dance Way

Self-care Journal – inspiration from the Spanish Dance way

With our modern, city living, life has become faster and more intense than before. Technology accelerates expectations and responses. When were you able to โ€˜disconnectโ€™ from it all and ponder on what self-care and well-being personally means to you?

Itโ€™s become more vital nowadays to feel human: to create and express, socialise and bond, play and delight, to be inspired and to inspire others.

Here are some musings from conducting our recent dance activities at the Esplanade Theatreโ€™s Whatโ€™s Your Move…

Whats your move - Flamenco Spanish Dance Singapore

Weekend Ideas – outdoor dance workshops and performances by the Bay

Hey everyone, if youโ€™re looking for an uplifting time and getting your body grooving, then head to the Bay! Youโ€™re in for a treat this weekend with a galore of outdoor dance workshops and performances!

This is the annual What’s Your Move series, part of da:ns Festival at the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.

Here’s what to enjoy: 

1. Get to experience all kinds of dance in Singapore, on a SINGLE occasion!

Imagine travelling the world through a diversity of dance and…

Gentle Workouts Spanish Dance Flamenco Singapore

Gentle Workouts for Beginners

If you like workouts but want them to be gentle, then here’s one that you can try out at home, from the office or anywhere on the go! Be inspired and uplifted by music too!

Tania takes you through dance phrases from a gentle choreography set to an inspiring Spanish Dance music.

She breaks it down to easy parts which you can try, and you’ll also get to see the actual dance itself, at the Spanish Dance for Relaxation workshop…

Flamenco, Pasodoble, Spanish Dance workshops at the Esplanade Theatre

September is a time to get moving! It’s Flamenco, Pasodoble, Spanish Dance for anyone as well as parents and kids.

Check out our series of workshops at the Esplanade Theatre.

FEW TICKET LEFT, so get yours today.


Adults and Youth โ€“ Flamenco ๐Ÿ’ƒ18 Sep 2022, Sun, 8pm – 9.30pm

Tickets from $17. Click here———–

Adults and Youth โ€“ Spanish Dance for Relaxation ๐Ÿ’ƒ24 Sep 2022, Sat, 8pm – 9.30pm

Tickets from $17. Click here.


Parents & Kids โ€“ Pasodoble ๐Ÿ’ƒ17…

Spanish Dance Flamenco Singapore

3 Simple Ways to start your flamenco dance

Three Simple Ways to Start Flamenco Dance

Hey everyone, let’s get to know 3 simple ways you can start your flamenco. These are tips that I give to my online flamenco pure beginner students and I share them here.

You can practise them from home, or whether you are at work (and needing a break) or on-the go!

1. Flamenco Rhythm

I like to start with the basic rhythm, because I believe everyone has that in them.

Just look at a…

Online to onstage - creating your diversity of dance learning ii

Online to onstage – creating your diversity of dance-learning

Gaining a diversity of learning experiences is invaluable. Here, I share bringing together these experiences to enrich my community:

Online dance lessons, Group rehearsals Self-practiceMaster workshops with our maestros-from-SpainCollaborations with musicians to gain exposure to working to live musicCulminating in new projects – the first harp and Spanish Dance concert in my city

Online dance lessons are readily available and accessible. You can join these two programmes:

Flamenco from Home – click here to find out about Tania’s online classesGoyescas, Spanish Dance…

How to listen to flamenco cante and dance to it?

How to listen to a flamenco song (cante) and dance to it? Tangos de Color de Rosa by Carmen Linares

How to listen to a flamenco song (cante) and dance to it?
As dancers, the song is very important to us! Because we accompany and respond to the song with our moves; we express it with dynamics and feelings.
Here’s a simple way of listening to a Tangos, by a singer I love, Carmen Linares.

Listen to what is happening, what the sequence is.

Get to know 4 flamenco terminologies which help you describe what is happening.

๐’๐š๐ฅ๐ข๐๐š ๐๐ž ๐†๐ฎ๐ข๐ญ๐š๐ซ๐ซ๐š -…

Spanish Flamenco Dance Singapore

‘Tis the season to be jolly with Spanish Dance Holiday Workshops!

This holiday season, why not try out new experiences? Get festive with your spirits through our Spanish dance workshops. Gift yourself or your friend or your family with memories of time spent together having fun!
Read on to find out what you can join.


Spanish Dance Body Elegance, Rhythm & Flow
Sun 19 Dec, 11.30am – 12.30pm (1h) / $30
Did you know that not all Spanish dance is about ‘stomping’?

In this session, we’ll be relaxing to soothing music, working up awareness of…

Flamenco Culture Trips with Tania Las Setas Sevilla

Best views in Seville, top-of-the-world feeling at Las Setas

It’s a top-of-the-world feeling at Las Setas, a modern structure right in the heart of Seville’s historic old quarters!

“Here’s a live Facebook video I took, right after I hosted my students on a free virtual cultural tour of Seville.ย  You can get amazing panoramic views of Seville from roof tops (azoteas), from the Cathedral Giralda tower, and here, from Las Setas. Las Setas means ‘mushroom’, but I like to nickname it waffles’. Don’t you think it looks like…

Flamenco Culture Trip Spain

River Stories! Stroll along Seville’s famed Guadalquivir, imagine its past and enjoy the present

River stories! In my free virtual walking tour of Seville for my students, we walked along this stretch of Seville’s Guadalquivir River.
You’ll be greeted by a rich view of the Cathedral, the Bullring, and the traditional barrio of Triana, famed for its flamenco.

Where I stand is where the first round-the-world Magallanes-Elcano voyage set off in 1519!

Besides watering Andalusia’s land for agriculture, it made Seville of great maritime importance in Europe’s early sea-commerce with exclusive trading rights.

Get to know…

Spanish Dance Flamenco Singapore Classes

Sample these Spanish Dance and Flamenco workshops at the Esplanade Theatre

This September, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay brings us their annual da:ns festival as well as Footwork, a series of sampler dance workshops. We’re happy to conducting four of these Spanish Dance and Flamenco workshops this year!
If you have always been wanting to try out some dance moves but don’t yet want to plunge into the sea of commitment (yet), then these once-off sessions are perfect for you to dip your toes and have a feel of the…

Spanish Dance Flamenco Singapore classes

Want to transform your brain and uplift your mood? Then dance and exercise!

This is one of my favourite TED talks. Instinctively, those of us who dance and work out know the benefits of moving and exercising. We can feel the effects on our bodies and our well-being! It’s great though when this is backed by a neuroscientist.
In this highly enjoyable and engaging talk, Wendy Suzuki shares her personal story and her experiment on herself, leading to her scientific conclusions.

She starts off asking: ‘What if I told you there was something that…

From home or in Spain, Online or In-person โ€“ personalising our flamenco learning

2020 sprouted a gamut of options for my flamenco learning paths. From Festival workshops in Jerez and daily classes in Seville, from learning from video courses I produced for my artists and starting flamenco dance online from my quarantine hotel room.
While it was annus horribilis for many, I know for some others, including myself, that time of reset and recharge opened new ways of thinking, as well as exploration (by choice or the lack of!)
Initiating Passion Projects as a…

Flamenco Singapore Indonesia

Behind the scenes of our flamenco talk

Over 13,000 views following the replays of our recent live talk on flamenco! Thank you to our national theatre Esplanade, in Singapore, for supporting arts and community during these Covid times.
Though we weren’t able to enjoy performances of your da:ns festival in the theatre, you’ve brought us a slew of online programmes with local and international artists.

There’s so much that goes into planning what seems to be just a 1 hour talk. Starting from our brainstorming of topics, back…

Alegrรญas, joyous Flamenco, seaside style!

Visiting Cรกdiz fills you with a sense of joie de vivre. I can see why this seaside port town in Southern Spain gives character to the flamenco style of Alegrรญas. The word itself means joy.

Sometime this year, in June, we were bursting to get out of our houses. That was when Spain was phasing into its nueva normalidad or new normality. I remember 22 June was THE date that we were marking into our calendars and actively monitoring our…

Flamenco Singapore Tania & Manuel Betanzos

Beginning Flamenco in Spain, a life-changing experience

It was 2003, my first year studying flamenco in Seville. I was hunting for the Academia de Manolo Marin. I got to Triana, the famed flamenco quarter and walked along the street where the Academy is located, called Rodrigo de Triana (who, by the way, is the first guy to call out โ€˜Land!โ€™ in Christopher Columbusโ€™ expedition to the Americas).

I was confused because above one door of the Academy, there was a sign that said Manolo Marin. And above…

Feria de Abril, Altozano

Sevillanas, Feria de Abril, Seville’s largest party and the Spanish Joy of Living

Imagine a marathon of festivities – uplifting music, Sevillanas dance, gatherings of beautiful ladies in their gorgeous dresses and men in their suave outfits.
Plus merry-making, eating, drinking and dancing, from night to the early hours of the morn. The next time you dance the Sevillanas, know that you are part of this living culture that connects you to the very source in Spain!
It was a historical year however, with both Semana Santa Holy Week and the Feria de Abril…

Spanish Home-made Food, Flamenco Epicurean

Home-made Spanish Food & a creative retreat to develop online dance courses

Weโ€™re into our 7th week of Spanish Lockdown. Iโ€™m taking this time as a cultural immersion and a creative retreat to develop my new online courses. With whom best to stay with but my maestro-artist, Manuel Betanzos.

Creativity knows no boundary

Manuel’s creativity knows no boxed-up genre, it overflows from flamenco dance to culinary experiments, to gardening and home decor! When you are creative and artistic, that’s how it is, it flows into all areas of your life ๐Ÿ™‚

Spanish Home-made cuisine


Tania Flamenco Jerez

Extraordinary times give us momentum to explore new ways

Friends, the week when Spain announced the lockdown, many things happened. Fast and sudden. I saw  firsthand the domino-impact on the arts and on lives. It was sobering. But I could also sense a calm and stoicism among the artists I know.

Dance academies such as that of my maestro, Manuel Betanzos, as well as his peers had to close in one, two days, to avoid the risk of spread in our physically close-contact activities. I recall Manuel and his…

Tania Goh, Singaporean in Spain

Diary of a Spanish Lockdown and Some Timely Flamenco Online Courses

Iโ€™ve been here in Seville since mid-February and in a short span of time, things in Spain changed greatly due to the global virus situation. 
Stay Safe, Stay Home

Weโ€™re now going into the 4th week of the lockdown. Time has actually passed quite fast, surprisingly.

The idea of a lockdown can be daunting, and the number of cases in Spain sadly is very high, standing at a global number 2 even as I write. 

Some of your countries entered a lockdown as…

Spanish Gatherings 2019

Gatherings ~ Of Spanish music, wine & dance, in Singapore’s chic social club

It’s a heart-warming time of the year as we head towards the Christmas season. We wonder how fast the year has flown, and look forward to culminating it with friends and family. What better occasion than at our year-end festive gathering!

Be part our creative community of Spanish and local friends, students, dancers and overseas guest musicians. Enjoy dance, song, music along with an experience of Muga wines from Spain’s famed vineyards and a selection of cheeses.

Participate! We love…

Streetside Sevillanas in Hoi An

Romantic Sevillanas – The fountain of your mouth and the nets of your body

When I first started to learn the Sevillanas in my youthful university days, I mostly danced to songs that were fast-paced. Afterall, the Sevillanas is the dance that is danced at the largest party in Sevilla, the Feria de Abril (April Fair). Some versions go at Speedy Gonzales pace, I marvelled at how Feria folks fared, in drunken merry-making state and ladies in their voluminous Sevillanas dresses!

So when my friend, Paloma Navarro, sang a slower-paced, melodious version accompanied by…

Spanish Dance Flamenco Singapore Francesca Grima

Flamenco Workshop by Francesca Grima (Singapore, Sun 29 Sep)

We’re pleased to welcome our flamenco Guest Artists at Spanish Dance Singapore this month, Francesca Grima (Dance) and Andrej Vujicic (Cajon). Flamenco aficionados can join either of these classes:

11am – 12.30pm: Flamenco Technique
12.30 – 2.00pm: Bulerias (with cajon accompaniment)
Venue: Dance on Us

Technique Class

In the technique class, students will practice and clean up footwork, work to improve compรกs.

This class will allow students to learn a set of sequences in arms, upper body and footwork, which can…

Spanish Dance Flamenco Singapore

Spanish Dance Master Workshops with Paloma Gรณmez, 30 Oct – 3 Nov Singapore

Make time for Beauty this  30 Oct – 3 Nov! Fill your heart with inspiring dance and music, with Paloma Gรณmez. Her Spanish Dance Master Workshops are part of the Season of Spanish Dance (Oct-Nov), a collaboration with the new Sonata Dancewear studio, at Funan Mall. Here’s a glimpse of what to catch:

Paloma’s popular Classical Spanish Dance Technique (3 sessions)
Paloma’s castanets technique (2 sessions)
Two choreographies set to great Spanish classics – Goyescas & Cรณrdoba
A special…

Spanish Season of Dance

Go Spanish at Sonata! Choose your workshop!

Enjoy a range of dance workshops for kids, adults and dance lovers! Go Spanish at Sonata, with Spanish Dance Singapore this Oct – Dec, at the new Sonata Community Studio at Funan Mall. Discover the vibrant dances of Spain – from classical Spanish dance to flamenco. Learn to use the Spanish fan, work on a Nutcracker choreography, or join our Masterclass appreciation on the styles of ballet & Classical Spanish.
A programme of the Spanish Season of Dance 2019

Organised by:…

Stay Cool Dance More

Dance and a Time for Beauty, this Sept – Oct

Make a dance date with Beauty-personified from Wed 30 Oct to Sun 3 November! Lovely Spanish dancer and maestra, Paloma Gรณmez, will be in Singapore soon.
Here’s what you can enjoy:

Two lovely choreographies – the Intermezzo from Goyescas by composer Granados, and Cรณrdoba by composer Albeรฑiz. We’ll be completing the second part of Goyescas, which we embarked on when Paloma was previously in Singapore. Those who didn’t do the first part can still join, and enjoy this marvellous classic…

Seville Sevilla Architecture Streets

Irresistible Seville, Learn Flamenco at its Source

The southern Spanish town of Seville will steal your heart, with its charming streets, glorious architecture and traditions. Be contented getting lost in labyrinthian alleys and quaint plazas where ambience is cosy and intimate. Or hang out at the tapas bars to savour the many choices, chatting up friendly folks. And if you have some time, why not soak in the cultural aire and learn flamenco at one of the many established academies? Seville is, afterall, one of the greatest…

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